Who Travels the Most?

Everyone loves to travel and, that is why the number of international visitors has continued to significantly grow over the last few years. The ease of travel, new discoveries, improvements in the living standards and changes in the lifestyles of populations across the globe has encouraged people from all walks of life to indulge in travelling. The following is a breakdown of the leading countries in world travel with relevant statistics. 


Many tourism and travel organizations identify Finland as the country with the highest number of people that travel the world. According to numerous studies on world travel trends, an average Finn makes an estimated 7.5 trips annually, including overseas trips and stay-at-home vacations. 


The United States boasts the world’s largest domestic travel market. When you also include the national holidays, an average American takes about 6.7 trips each year. However, a majority of Americans are local travellers with only a limited number of people making overseas trips. That is partly because slightly half of the American population own passports. 


Several studies about world travel trends have identified Scandinavia as the most visited part of the globe. An average Swede takes about 4.4 and 1.5 domestic and international trips every year. 


Also found in Scandinavia, Denmark is another home to some of the world’s largest travelers. Unlike in most countries around the world, a majority of the population in Denmark own second country homes. Studies show one in every six families in Denmark has a second home in the countryside. On average, they make about 5.3 total trips annually with domestic trips accounting for 3.9. 

Other countries that also top the list of the world’s largest travelers include Norway, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and France. Based on the statistics, people from Nordic nations are found to travel the most. The trend is attributed to several factors including high incomes and low rates of unemployment. Besides, the high costs of living in those countries make the idea of travelling to cheaper international destinations more appealing to their populations. 


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