Safety Tips for Female Solo Travelers

Trust Instinct

Politeness can be more essential than safety, Jimmy G, a San Antonio web design expert over at Techy Ninjas and a freelance traveler, explains to us that, if everybody were kind and thoughtful, the world would be great for everyone. However, some allow courtesy to override gut instincts. That’s because they don’t want to overreact or seem rude. However, they forget that not everybody reveals their true colors instantly. They also fail to trust their intuition when necessary. And this leads them into trouble even when their gut instinct tells them something is wrong. So, if your guts tell you something is off, think again.

Pay Attention and Avoid Being the Target

Avoid things that might draw attention to yourself. For instance, don’t carry items that may capture the attention of criminals. Also, avoid wearing expensive jewelry or wearing clothes that may tell everyone that you’re a tourist. Additionally, try to blend in by learning the way of life of the local people. That way, you will avoid doing things that may show the local people you’re not from around.

Stay Connected

Even if you’re traveling to escape your routine, home, or work for a while, let your loved ones know where you’re and how you’re doing. For instance, share your itinerary with your loved ones back at home. Also, leave your phone number with the customer care attendant if you leave your hotel to explore the local area. If necessary, let them know where you’re going and how they can reach you.

Your safety is paramount regardless of your travel destination. Follow these tips for solo female travelers to ensure your security when traveling alone.