Five Crucial Facts You Should Know Be Traveling To Ireland

Many of those who have traveled to Ireland have returned there for another trip to catch up with the sweet memories. The memory of rolling green hills, fields of sheep, old castles, and exciting cultures are hard to forget. Ireland has also been the home of the settings of some popular movies like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.

If you plan to visit Ireland too, bear in mind you will one day return to sit again in the dimly lit pubs, sipping a pint of ale while the local musicians emotionally play the old tunes. You will be redrawn to see the colorful locals again. But before you go for the first time, these five crucial points should guide you:

The Meteorologists Are as Clueless as You

In Ireland, the weather prophets can never be trusted. Their predictions are unreliable, and they are not to blame. The Irish weather pattern is unpredictable. It can be sunny one minute only for the rain to fall the next without warning, followed by sunlight. That’s why an umbrella, waterproof jackets and waterproof shoes should never depart from you. Be prepared to deal with the abrupt weather changes. While the on and off rain can be irritating, remember it is one reason why Ireland is so green and fresh.

The Driver Is Entitled To Your Gratitude

You may not be used to thanking the driver, after all, it is business, and perhaps it is you who should be appreciated. Not in Ireland. Here, there is a by-law requiring you to say “Thank you” to the driver who drove you. So if you alight from a bus or car but forget to thank the driver respectfully, the locals may be horrified. It is business unusual.

Driving On the Wrong Side

The Irish drive on the wrong side of the road. Wrong side, that is, according to Americans. That is because, the Irish drive on the left-hand side of the road, unlike in America where it is the other way round.

Tipping Is Not Necessary

If you have read many travel journals, then you have realized that tipping is natural in many countries. The question is how much, not if. But in Ireland, the stingy travelers can rest assured waiters are not looking forward to receiving free money. However, do not hurry to celebrate. The tip may not be necessary, but it is indirectly included in the service tax that is charged on every bill. It is mainly 10% of the item price. In short, there is tipping in Ireland; only it is a law! Sorry if this has rubbed you the wrong way.

This Is the Home Of Guinness

Guinness beer, one of the most popular drinks in the world, was first brewed in Ireland by one of her citizens called Arthur Guinness. So if you love beer, take time to visit Saint Jame’s Gate where Arthur first brewed the recipe of this famous brand and where it continues to be brewed.

Bonus Tip

The Euro is the standard currency in Ireland. If you are traveling in the northern parts, you may need to have Pound Sterling. Anyway, enjoy your trip.


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